Media Company in NYC

A media organization seeks to automate and accelerate the leads capture process, reducing costs while simultaneously increasing the sales. Read on to see how RPA Consulting dramatically improved the leads to sales process by reducing the time to contact prospective customers, improving the sales closure rate and hence, monthly revenues, while simultaneously reducing the human footprint required from the lead to capture back-office processing team.


The Client Relationship

The client is a global business intelligence media concern, with a centralized team of sales professionals organized to increase revenues through fulfilling an intermediate part of the sales process—which is the lead capture and conversion process.

The almost 100-person sales team is responsible for generating new and recurring annual revenues of approximately $100 million domestically. The Robotics Process Automation (RPA) team partners with the domestic sales team to automate the intermediary lead capture portion of the sales process.


The Solution

The Challenge of Volume vs Complexity

As part of the overall organization, the leads generation team receives several thousand leads each day, almost a million data files annually.

The client’s lead capture process involved receiving leads as pdf files via email, extracts the pdf data into a csv file, and updates the information to the sales fulfillment team in the web-based CRM file.

The intermediary sales team would send a customized email confirmation email, prepping the lead for a future follow-up interaction. There were multiple challenges for the client. First, the leads capture process required capturing and accessing a subset of corporate emails received each day.

Second, the process required opening, reading, and storing large volumes of data and transferring that data into another computer-based application, finally transferring that data into a modern web-based CRM platform.

Third the web-based CRM platform required a high level of security. Fourth, significant coordination was required among all application and platform operations given that each received input only during scheduled portion of the day. The

RPA to the Rescue

Through Robotic Process Automation (RPA), client wishes to automate the leads capture process. Additionally, client wishes to employ Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to execute the process quickly with 99.95% accuracy, remove the human element from the intermediary process, allocate greater resources and focus on the sales closing activity to increase the success rate for client closing.

The Robotic Process Automation (RPA) team, the ‘pod’, is responsible for standardizing and managing the client’s metadata across various systems and ensuring the accurate lead capture and processing throughout the sales organization.

Cost savings


New customers




“The key to RPA innovation lies in both responding to and anticipating future customer needs.”

Carlos Barreto – COO at RPA Consultants