RPA Consultants is a consulting company that partners with customers in diverse industries in order to offer a unique combination of expertise in the areas of Process Improvement and Robotics Process Automation, with significant bottom-line impact on the initiatives we engage in.

Our vast experience with proven methodologies on this field allows us to offer unique perspectives to our clients and often leads to process optimization and execution excellence.

Our engagement focus is always on the customer's process transformation first and then once it's on the right track,  we implement automation to ensure maximum productivity gains.

This approach, combined with our expertise and experience produces unparalleled success.   We look forward to engage your team.

Service Offerings



We are your RPA Solution.

At RPA Consultants, our team realizes that time is money.  For that reason, our engagements are designed to make significant impact within a quarter.

And, our benefits are designed to last permanently.  In fact, we guarantee it through our RPA Angel program.



We are Process Experts.

Whether your aim is to reduce headcount to lower costs and increase competitiveness, or design your company to grow with minimal operations cost increase, or whether you are an acquiring firm or turnaround target looking to unlock the value of undervalued or suboptimal companies, RPA Consultants guarantees your success, permanently.  Our concept isn’t new.  That’s simply what experts do.



You don't know what you can't measure.

At RPA Consultants, we're all about metrics.  We aim to identify ways by witch Automation and Process Re-Design will have a direct and immediate impact on your KPIs.

And if you don't have it, we'll help you create a healthy KPI Framework.



We'll help you assess your process capabilities.

Best Industry practices are capable of assessing your process capabilities while creating action plans to plug the gaps it finds along the way.

Here are RPA, we pride ourselves in helping our clients assess their current capabilities and bringing them to the next level.

Why our

Our passion and unique qualifications positions RPA Consultants' customers to immediately benefit from the consulting engagement.

Our people get up every day wanting to come to work, planning our client's success.

Our vision regarding the future of RPA is well aligned with the leading marketing research companies and we work with the leading Automation Platforms in the market.


“Over 70% of finance organizations have reported using or piloting Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Adoption levels are also growing beyond this constituency in many functional areas.”

Gartner Research

“The key to RPA innovation lies in both responding to and anticipating future customer needs.”

Carlos Barreto – COO at RPA Consultants