Chief Operating Officer

Carlos Barreto


As COO, Carlos has overall supervisory responsibility for all corporate operations and is in charge of our technical platform as well as supervision of clients' solution.

Carlos' strong background in IT and Automation guarantees technical resource solution optimization and adherence to customer requirements.

Carlos has collaborated with IBM, HP Financial Services and the Federal Reserve Bank of NY.

As a Process Improvement Professional, he understands exactly where RPA can add value to the many possibilities within the process.


Senior Vice President

Sergio Romero


Sergio has over 30 years’ experience in the technology, consulting, operations, management, government, project management and sales sectors in both global corporations as well as entrepreneurial ventures. 

Experienced in high growth and turnaround settings at companies such as BTU, Frontier Strategy Group, Future Source Consulting, Echez Group, OLPC-MIT Media Lab, Aspect-Microsoft, Ericsson, Cable & Wireless-Claro and Mecosoft-Softland. 

Sergio has a track record in building and retaining highly dedicated sales & marketing personnel, distributor networks and functional support teams.