An event for every audience

Here at RPA Consultants, we believe that sharing our vision and expertise is best path to attract new business partners, associates and eventually, customers.

Please find below the event that best suits your current needs and subscribe.   Detailed information about each event will be published in a timely basis.

Apr 25th - Diversity in Business Seminar

New Orleans - Apr 25th - 2:00 PM - Our CEO, Dwight Harris Jr., will talk about the importance of diversity in terms of Innovation.

Jun 15th - Build your First Bot Workshop

Jun 15th - 11:00 AM - On-Line.  We will be hosting an introductory workshop to RPA where our experts will teach you how to build your first bot.

Jun 28th - The Vision of RPA Webinar

Jun 28th - July 2019, we will host a webinar to demonstrate our vision for RPA.

Jul 26th - New York Job Fair

NY - Jul 26th - 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM - We will be hosting a job fair at the Grand Ball room of Marriott White Plains